Lawn Installation

There is no substitute that can beat a beautiful and healthy looking lawn. ProGro Landscapes are experts in lawn installation and offer expert advice on reinstating or caring for your lawn. We work at both a domestic and commercial scale and take on lawn installations of all sizes.

We believe that 'to get the green right, you first need to get the brown right', which means that we look at the condition of the existing soil and will condition it where necessary to provide optimum long term results for the health of the lawn. 

It is important to know that not all turf is the same, and our specialist suppliers provide us with the highest quality of turf. In addition, we will occasionally tailor our orders of turf and seed to select appropriately for the intended use and environment of the lawn. 


Sod cutting, Rotovation, topsoiling, and leveling.


Installation of top quality turf. Grass is greener with ProGro Landscapes


Precision lawn seeding offered for long term great results.


Installation of wildflower turf and seed for low maintenance areas and to improve wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do about watering new turf?

The first 2/3 weeks are crucial to keep regularly watered, but it is important to keep an eye on it for the first 2/3 months, depending on how dry the weather is. The best times to water turf is either first thing in the morning, or evening. 

How long does it take for turf to root?

After 2/3 weeks, the turf will have formed shallow roots that start to cling to the top surface of the top soil. By 6/8 weeks, the turf will have deeper roots.

When should I mow my newly laid lawn?

Wait until the lawn has rooted well. This is likely to be 6 weeks or so after the lawn was laid. Be sure to cut the lawn at a medium-to high height. Short lawns dry out quicker which is to be avoided with a newly laid lawn. On tyhe flip side, don't let the grass get too long before cutting. Cutting little and often is key to a beutiful lawn.

How to keep the lawn looking good in the future?

Regularly mowing and watering when needed is the best care you can give, but there are some other things you can do to keep your lawn looking great. 

It is important to feed and weed the lawn twice a year (autumn/spring), this will keep the lawn looking lush and gives the soil nutrition.

If the lawn has a lot of traffic on it e.g. playing children, the ground will become compacted over time, so aerating the lawn once a year is something to consider, this also gives the ground some extra nitrogen.

If the lawn is in an area susceptible to moss, spraying the lawn with an iron based moss killer and scarifying the lawn will stop the moss from suffocating the grass.


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All directors and senior members hold various qualifications in landscaping and have gained Health and Safety accreditation.

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